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Peony Top - One of a Kind Naturally Dyed Upcycled Cotton/Linen Size M #PEO2

Peony Top - One of a Kind Naturally Dyed Upcycled Cotton/Linen Size M #PEO2

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Introducing this one of a kind Peony Top - an elegantly crafted piece in collaboration with the natural dyers at East of Pine.
This exclusive top features extraordinary patchworking of various dyed cotton and linen fabrics, as well as a vintage cut lace lower with scalloped hem and off white linen
This top features many dyeing techniques including cochineal and Lac, as well as eastern brazilwood, rust & onion skins

Cochineal, well-known for its vibrant pink dye colour, is an insect shell widely used for natural dyeing. Lac is another dye derived from insect resin, a wonderful sticky material that creates a rich magenta/red/purple hue.
Rust is found in junk piles, abandoned scraps at the side of the road and near our water shores. Printing with it involves a scientific process of oxidizing metal, which creates a lasting orange print on fabric. When mixed with other colours or tannins, it can result in deep browns, greys and blacks. This is one of East of Pines' most unique and technical processes.
Onion skin dyeing is gathered from Emily and Pollys' at East of Pines' homes or found in abundance in the form of scraps in grocery stores. Red and yellow onion skins create varying shades of greens and yellows.

The process includes scouring the fabric, followed by the addition of a tannin, and finally, it gets mordanted. This three-step pre-treatment ensures that the natural dye will hold onto the fabric and that we will achieve the most vibrant colours from the dyed materials. Once the fabric is treated, the onion skins are added in a process called eco-bundle dyeing, which involves scrunching and then steaming the fabric with the onion skins inside. Once the dyeing is complete, fabric is rinsed and hung to dry.
neckline and sleeve finished with bias tape

Bust approx 39” + pleats

collar edge to cuff 6.5”

hem length from shoulder 22.5"

Handwash cold and hang to dry

Note that this made with preloved materials.   It may not be 100% perfect, but it’s been selected for its quality and beauty. Also, It’s been washed and any issues of note have been mentioned in the listing.

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