Create Your Own Cropped Length Vivianne Jacket


Your Fabric = Custom Jacket

You have some cool quilt, throw blanket, curtains, tablecloth or other piece of fabric you'd like turned into your own jacket?  Here's the place to do it!

This listing is so you can provide the fabric and you choose the collar style and size & I make it for you!

The Cropped Jacket will include:

* Signature pleated sleeve

* Waist length hem

* 2 rounded patch pockets on front

* Your choice of shawl collar (good for a blanket with a finished or fringed edge) or Standing collar (finished with bias tape, I provide)

* Your choice of no closure or 3 sets of leather /toggle button closures

How do it?

1) Simply choose from each of the 3 drop down menus (closures, size and collar choice) to create your jacket

2) Order your jacket online

3) Send your fabric to me (address provided at checkout)

4) Once received I will make sure it's enough fabric for the job and contact you if there's any questions on my end

5) I make it and send it to you to love & cherish!

Approx. Fabric measurement requirements for cropped or blazer length:

XS-M twin sized quilt/blanket (approx 90 by 65")

L-3X  queen sized quilt/blanket (approx 100 by 90") or 2 twins

Things to note:

I'm in ongoing production, so you can expect your jacket to be completed (once I receive your fabric), between 2-4 weeks. 

There might be an additional cost if more fabric needs to be added to complete the project.  If so, I will contact you with a quote and fabric suggestions from my stock. 

Please send fabric that is clean and the majority of it is in good condition.  ie. I can cut around flaws, wear and tear and stains but if the fabric is very fragile or overly stained/worn, you may not love the end result.

Fabric that is too thick ie. more than 3/8" may be too hard to sew through.  Remember, we topstitch all seams flat, so that's 4 layers!   If you have a fluffy quilt, you can lay it flat and if you can press down on it to reduce it's thickness, it may be ok.  Send me pics if you're concerned. 

* if you are uncertain if you have enough fabric, send me more than 1 piece that compliments each other.  Then I can mix and match and it'll be very unique and special.  It's better I have more fabric than less.  Whatever is left over I can recycle into future projects or send back to you, if requested. 

Have more questions?  Email me at to inquire