The Sewing Army

The Sewing Army was created in March of 2020 by Diana Coatsworth to respond to the shortage of PPE for Healthcare, Essential Workers, low income & non profit organizations during the COVID-19 crisis. The group brought together over 3700 volunteers across North America to sew & donate PPE for organizations in need.

We're proud to say that by year end, we donated over 114,000 handmade PPE. Our mission as a group has come to an end, but if you'd like to join our Facebook group to share your independent PPE donations or if you're looking for like minded mask makers, please join us by clicking the link here.

If you are a non profit organization or charity looking for ongoing handmade PPE donations, please see more info here  

If you are looking for PPE patterns and tutorials to make and donate in your own community, please click here. Thank you.



Watch our short documentary "A Day in the Life" made by director Kelsey Irvine and Skin & Bones Film Co here