Plant Cosy Upcycled Vintage Needlepoint & Draperies #PL1


Reversible Upcycled fabric plant cosy or catch all 

Use as a cute plant pot cover/cosy or to hold this or that around your home .. think hair bands, cotton pads or wrapped candies.  The perfect hostess or bday gift with a 4-5” pot of blooming bulbs at your local garden store.  

Fabric has a stiffness to to it and is fully lined so it’s reversible.  The cosy is flexible too and can be artfully “crushed” to one side, casually crumpled or folded down to a desired height. 


Outside - Upcycled vintage needlepoint with “Stitch in Time Saves Nine” and patchwork vintage cotton drapery

Inside - patchwork vintage cotton drapery

Size: 5.5” diameter   Fits up to 5” pot

Height: 6.5” 

Wash:  hand wash, line dry for best results 

Note:  when watering plants, best to take plant out of cosy to avoid soiling it   Your cosy is sweet and not waterproof  

Note that this made with preloved materials and /or garments.   It may not be 100% perfect, but it’s been selected for its quality and beauty. Also, It’s been washed and any issues of note have been mentioned in the listing.